Friday, March 15, 2013

It only takes a really fine jam...

Our week has been jammed pack ... no pun intended.   We have been jammin' for the last few weeks.  First... we had to secure our Louisiana strawberries to make iap's rockin' strawberry vanilla jam.  

The pot's hot...


                                                         the cook's hot ...

                         and the jam is READY! 

Find it at fine stores like the Coffee Company... Empire Baking... Bolsa Mercado... Celebration... Green Grocer... Jimmy's Food Store and of course check us out at White Rock Lake Market/Lakeside this Saturday, 9150 Garland Road, Dallas 75218 8am-1pm.  We also just restocked Fort Worth's Vending Nut Company and Arlington's Gene Allen's Gifts.

And for you Florida foodies out there... James finished a batch of iap Orangey Fig JAM for our newest customer ... Datz Delicatessen in Tampa, Florida. That's right iap Orangey Fig JAM to top off pizza! 


Thanks Datz for getting figgy with it!


Now here's a little figgy recipe from us to you... try it for breakfast with your favorite juice or coffee.

Splendiferous Figgy Morn Granola 

Start with a layer of Granola, add a layer of iap orangey fig jam, chopped walnuts, a layer of crumbled Gorgonzola, a thin layer of vanilla yogurt and then repeat ending with a layer of chopped walnuts.  Splendiferous!

And a shout out to the Dallas Morning News for mentioning us in their little diddy on Dallas-area artisans!
And like our photo says... "Time 2 Dance" Spring is here... dance with us in Austin April 27-28 at the Austin Food & Wine Festival.

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