Sunday, June 19, 2011

James' is a cookin'

It’s summertime and when the temps rise James gets to cookin’ and grillin’ and letting the burger’s smoke!

Here’s James’ Smokey Hot Turkey Burger recipe that will have you licking your lips and crowing for more! Do turkey’s crow? Ummmm…

James’ Smokey Hot Turkey Burger

2 lbs. ground turkey

6 jalapeno peppers, chopped

Add a little garlic powder, a little onion powder, pinch of red pepper flakes, two shakes of salt, two shakes of black pepper and throw in anything else in the cabinet you like…

Mix it all together, pat out some patties and throw it on the smoker… don’t have a smoker???… GRILL ‘EM!

No flips just wait to those babies are not crowing (do turkey’s crow?)

Slap on a toasted bun… with mustard and mayo…add a slice of a home-grown tomato, a few of our Original pickles… onion if you dare…. And you gotta burger to beat the best!

AHHHH…. Summertime at in a pickle.

Look for us this Saturday in Dallas at White Rock Local Market and Celebration Farmer's Market...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

in a pickle pimento cheese

Yummy... Yummy... in a pickle has got its pimento cheese on... yeah!

Made a batch last week for the good folks that patron the Prestonwood Polo and Country Club in Oakpoint, Texas.  It was the USPA intro-circuit 12 Goal tournament:  a weekend of world class polo!

We ponied right up with our in a pickle pimento cheese and had a great day of polo and pimento!  That's a shout out to all of our polo pickle peeps!

And just to let everyone know in the Dallas-Fort Worth area... we've got a bit of our special pimento cheese left.  Get it now... because this is a special edition and you won't see it again until we come out with our completed line of in a pickle pimento cheese.  When you might ask?  Well, James thinks it won't be too long... we'll let our blog readers know first!

In the mean time you can catch us this Saturday in Dallas at the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market and on Sunday at the Uptown Trolly Stop Market.

And a hoot... hoot to the NBA champion Dallas Mavericks!!!  The Miami Heat (who were in a pickle) may want to try our pickles to perk 'em up!!!

Later Peeps!!!!!