Tuesday, October 30, 2012

We've Brought in the Big Guns

     It's hot in our kitchen these days - we're making product fast and furiously in preparation for the holiday season.  There's much to do...
     AND, although we are managing to keep up, James thought it was time to bring in the big guns... so, he made a few pleas and sure enough... Momma Pat has arrived!  Nothin' like havin' a little help from your momma!
     So you might be wondering what Momma Pat's presence will do for YOU???  Well, pickle peeps... her valuable splendiferous advice accompanied with a little lovin' that only a momma can do will make everything just right at in a pickle AND you'll be able to go online at inapicklefoods.com, or catch us at our local upcoming venues and grab some great handmade jams and pickles for holiday gifts and parties.... Thanks Momma Pat!

  Here's a current list of what's in stock... 
apple bourbon cinnamon........
lemon fig preserves..........  
orangy fig jam...... peach cinnamon jam........ lemon pear vanilla....... cranberry orange jam........ sweet and spicy tomato jam........ spicy satsuma lemon marmalade..... AND sweet & spicy  PICKLES...


Look for us this Friday and Saturday, Nov. 2 and 3 at the 34th annualHappy Hollydays Bazaar in Dallas at 3920 Caruth on the Hyer Elementary School Grounds.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Korean's In A Pickle

Our Original sweet and spicy pickles traveled across the pond to Korea last month with our friend Matt Schroeder.  Matt's an accomplished connoisseur of sweet and spicy and can't get enough of our Originals!

Hyeeun Yoo and Sunah Noh our newest pickle peeps were at lunch with Matt and his wife Sheri at a Korean chicken restaurant when they pulled out the chopsticks... and the pickles!  Koreans are known for spicy underlings from kimchi to veggies... and our sweet and spicy gems fit right in!

Thanks! Matt for sending us this snapshot.

Hyeenun Yoo, Sunah Noh, Matt Schroeder with in a pickle Originals

We're going global but we can still be found at our favorite haunts...

check us out at the White Rock Lake Local Everything Market this weekend.
If you need our product delivered call Greenling in the Dallas-Fort Worth area or order our artisan jams and pickles online at inapicklefoods.com

 When you are in a pickle - whether it's in Fort Worth, Texas or Seoul, Korea ... just remember ... Life's greatest moments are sure to happen!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Rain, Baseball, and New Friends Too!

Well the rain put the Texas Rangers in a pickle this weekend - when the deluge postponed their game with the A's and put them into a double split on Sunday.  

The wet stuff was definitely a game changer for a lot of events this weekend in the Fort Worth-Dallas area...the White Rock Local Market, as well at Saint Michael's Market was rained out... but look for us next time... Hey, you know though... we are all about being in a pickle ... because we know what to do if one is in a pickle... think smart, drink smart ... and eat in a pickle foods' products ... ahhh... life's greatest moments truly do start when you're in a pickle...

We did have a great time on Sunday at a new venue in Dallas called the Knox Strass Urban Market.  The neighborhood folk at Knox (Karen gives a shout out!!!) is really changing it up a bit with a European Flair.  We sold pickles and our artisan jams along side a bier garten, music and art... we made some new friends ... those we can now count as Knox Pickle Peeps...

And we can't forget our new pickle peeps down south in Meridian and Clifton at the Red Caboose Winery and vineyard... 

yep they were grape stompin' in September when we took our sweet and spicy Originals down. 

AND what a combo when you throw a little in a pickle artisan jam down on a cracker add a bit of chevre... top that off with an award winning Cab featured at Red Caboose and your in the money... babyyyyy!  Woo Hoo!  


New friends, new pickle peeps and life's greatest moments that's a great way to kick off our fall!  So don't get in a pickle unless you're in it with us... knee deep and pickle proud!

...Don't forget, the holidays are creepin' up fast... make your list and check it twice... we've got Peach Cinnamon Jam, Apple Bourbon Cinnamon Jam, Whole Fig Preserves and lots more to stuff your stockings !