Sunday, January 30, 2011

ZestFest 2011

What a weekend!  We made hundreds of new pickle friends at the 2011 Zest Fest in Irving, Texas!

If you don't know about Zest Fest you should!  It's a festival held in Irving in January that brings together the spiciest exhibitors and products from around the country.  Food enthusiasts showed up in droves to sample and buy bold and flavorful food and our Original made a great impact.

Karen couldn't put out the samples fast enough, and James couldn't hand out our jars quick enough... needless to say... it was a sizzling weekend for pickles and other goodies!

How hot do you think our pickles are?  Well, some folks think they're hot but many folks down 'em with a smile and chase 'em with another pickle... But really if you wanted to measure our "spicy" in our Original on the Scoville Heat Scale we're about a 2,500 on the heat scale... that's just above poblano many thousands below serrano and about 38,000 away from cayenne... just to give you an idea... we are low on the "hottie" scale but high on the "tasty" scale...
and obviously we have quite a few folks who agree with us... next week we'll let you know what cities our Original is being sold in and of course you can always buy our splendiferous chip online at

Friday, January 21, 2011

Fancy Foods Show FANTASTIC

Scomo's on the wharf

What a fantastic trip to San Francisco for the Fancy Food Show. We were located in the New Brands section and WOW did we have a great time. 

Our pickles were well received!  
In golf terms, James puts it as a hole in one!  The rush of a hole in one was totally there!  


The Food Channel interviewed us... Woo Hoo! We don't want to appear snobby here... but 
to drop just a few names... Williams Sonoma, Food & Wine, and Central Market are our new best buds! 


AND there's a sweet restaurant in the wine country of California that loved our pickles!  Click on this link to check out Wine & Roses Hotel, Restaurant and Spa.  Our original may soon make a home there.  

It was a great show, thank you Fancy Food Show we made a lot of new pickle friends!  

And this weekend we are booking orders and making more wholesale buds.. kiss... kiss... we're all decked out in the gourmet section of the Dallas Total Home & Gift Market where we share a booth with our friend Leslie of Luscombe Farm fame.  Her jalapeno pepper jelly OMG it's incredible!  

in a pickle is making pickle strides into the world... won't you come along? 

Follow our blog as we journey into places we've never gone before... you can also follow us on twitter! Pickles and beyond!!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Hello to all our Pickle Peeps out there... we are wrapping up our preparations for the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco.  San Francisco here we come!  We're not sure what the Golden Gate City will think of our sassy pickles but we know one thing for certain - we are about to give the whole country a little taste of Splendiferous!

Our pickle professionals have been designing, printing, and putting together everything for our national debut.  How can we go wrong with publicity when you've got buttons that read I like 'em HOT and Pickle Perfect Love Affair???   But the real test will be our Original's taste...   
Oh Baby!  Pucker up and bring 'em on!

We're out there with the big boys...  global brands like Ben & Jerry's, Vitamin Water, Mrs. Fields, Dove Bars and Perrier were launched at The Fancy Food Show... why not in a pickle ...  yeah... why not??? 

We're also gearing up for the Dallas Total Home & Gift Market starting next week, you'll be able to find us in the gourmet section! 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pickle Peeps Rock!

Well, we've buttoned it all up!  Yep, we've finished our major button project, we're gearing up for the Winter Fancy Food Show... San Francisco here we come. 

During the holidays we had some mighty fun times with family and friends and several of our pickle peeps even took time to drop us a line.

Here's a response from Chuck Beegle in Virginia.  Chuck writes, "Thank you for the Splendiferously different sweet-spicy pickles.  I love your marketing label.  Pickles have to be included in my sandwiches!"

Well, Chuck pickles have to be included in our sandwiches too!  Here's a recipe for an old-fashioned egg sandwich with our in a pickle Original.

Two thin slices of Ciabatta Bread, toasted
Two eggs, gently whisked with a splash of soy
1 tablespoon of chopped in a pickle Original sweet and spicy pickles
1 slice of red onion
mayo (fat-free)

Heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil in omlette pan,
pour egg mixture into pan, let solidify and turn,
sprinkle gouda on top and remove from pan

Make sandwich with Ciabatta, adding mayo, pickles and onions...