Saturday, September 7, 2013

Pickle plots

We are thinking that there needs to be a plan for pickle purchasing... Like, you know, planning your in a pickle foods stops especially in north Texas where the temps have been extremely high (we don't want our pickle peeps scorching out there, gasping for sweet tea, as their parched lips beg for more sassy in a pickle goodness! Yesterday we were soaking in the sunshine at BRIT Botanical Research Institute of Texas bringing it to our local crowd in Fort Worth! And for the next several days we are bringing it to the Dallas Gourmet Market ( yeah that's you wholesaler guys) and no parched lips its 100 % AC! Next week we will see y'all at the White Rock Local Market/Greenspot in Dallas. We are bringing it !!! Local, small batches of goodness... And did we mention extreme tasty jams and pickles... Yeah uh! Power on PICKLE-PEEPS!