Monday, August 29, 2011

A Food Truck Park in Fort Worth... Woo Hoo

Wow!  Is it time or is it time???  Fort Worth... trendy... GOOD FOOD... all in the same breath! Cowtown's gonna be cookin'!  It's about time!!!  Austin has 'em, San Antonio has 'em, Portland has 'em ... and Dallas is getting one!  If you haven't heard there's plans for a FOOD TRUCK PARK in Fort Worth.... UMMMM and let's see who just got a fancy food truck that's shiny and red and ready to roll.... YEP in a pickle!   (check out our You Tube channel for more in a pickle truck shots)

With a food truck and Karen's culinary imagination ... pickle peeps WATCH OUT... there's no telling what she will come up with... her seasonal jams have jumped from our hands to yours and let's just say the Lemon Fig Preserves were almost as hot as our temperatures here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area!

AND NOW thanks to Chris Kruger a local attorney and entrepreneur, the Fort Worth Food Park will make a splash sometime (he's hoping) in the fall on a vacant lot in the 2500 block of Weisenberger Street north of the Montgomery Plaza shopping and residential area.   There will be room for 7 to 8 Food Truck/Trailers and parking across the street.  Foodie's should be able to walk from the 7th street area to the park and have a noshing good time!  Woo Hoo!

We are so excited!  A Food Truck Park in Fort Worth... what a great idea!  Of course here's some Food Trucks you may already know about:  Central Market Herban Eatery Assault TruckChef Point Cafe on Wheels; Salsa Limón; Sassy Hot Dogs; Taco Heads; The Trough Burger Wagon; Yes! Taco; Yum-Yum! Trucks; Crazy Sisters.  
To check out all the Food Trucks in the Dallas-Fort Worth area go to this link at 

And for in a pickle's truck... look out here we come!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Headed to the Hatch Chile Festival

The Hatch Chile... you know the one from New Mexico... the one that the BBC World News voted the "Worlds Best Chile Pepper" yep, that one... well this Saturday the 20th of August marks Grand Prairie's Hatch Chile Festival and Art Walk from 8am until 4pm AND we'll be there!  

The event will be in the downtown area where Hatch Chiles will be sold, along with other goodies from local vendors, and there will be chef's presentations and an art walk to boot.. (no pun intended:).  

Karen's been a dreamin' and cookin' and the jams keep comin'!  Yummy!  And for those pickle peeps that come out and say, "Howdy" well, it will be well worth your time.
Look for in a pickle's NEW seasonal jams... like drum-roll puleese!!!!... 

Blackberry Mojito, 
Strawberry Black Pepper and... 
Mango Lime.

Where else could you get splendiferous products like this and kick up a stir with some one and only Hatch Chilies???... PLUS rumor has it that the City of Grand Prairie has ordered 4,000 pounds of Hatch Chiles.  They learned their lesson last year when they sold out of a little over 1,300 pounds in under three hours!  Everything gets underway at 8am... see you there!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

It's Christmas in August!

Okay... we knew that would get your attention pickle peeps!  Although we are wishing for a little Christmas weather here in Fort Worth, Texas... (the triple digit days hit 40 this week) that is NOT the reason for the announcement.  Nope, we're just giving all our friends a HEAD'S UP on shopping for your splendiferous edible Christmas gifts!

Plan ahead and order your pickles and jams today!  Yep, we're not joking... because we make our products in small batches we want to be sure and have your order ready ... so plan ahead.  Worried about it being too hot and too early to have your jams and pickles ready for the season?  No worries here, in a pickle products have a shelf-life of one year ... all you need to do is store in a cool, dry area... now of course our Texas friends are laughing at this point and saying "You've gotta be kidding me... cool???"  Well, that's right... cool, that means in any cool, dark area ,,, probably a good idea inside an air conditioned home this time of year!

Our latest batch of seasonal jams are going fast... and OMG if you have not tried our peach cinnamon ... well you've obviously missed the best part of your summer!!!  But you still have time... we're selling at White Rock Local Market and Celebration Farmer's Market and you can always call in your order at 817.584.5835 for all your holiday speciality food gifts.  And don't think we won't have some surprises too... Karen's already dreaming about mangoes, cranberries and strawberries.... umm... you'll hear about it here first!  in a pickle and beyond!!!!