Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How it all started.

     Our pickle business began in a very small apartment kitchen in 1994 when Karen was in a pickle about gift ideas for her many loved ones and friends. The idea of a Christmas pickle sounded good - so she called her momma and asked for her very delicious homemade pickle recipe. It was a secret recipe... but one that her momma was happy to give her baby girl. That Christmas, with no canning experience, Karen canned 27 jars of pickles... in 9 jar batches... in plastic tubs! She was so excited to share her homemade gifts BUT the pickle jar looked naked, so Karen went to work and created a pickle label that is shown here!

in a pickle yesterday

     Over the years, Karen added a little sass to her momma's recipe and came up with what pickle afficionados are calling "incredible" we here at in a pickle call it splendiferous!
     And the excitement is mounting because Karen and James have just finished producing their first batch of Original pickles for the whole, wide world - and everyone will be able to find out what Karen, James and all those Christmas gift recipients already know... Life's greatest moments start in a pickle!  
in a pickle today

     Come out this Saturday, July 31, and sample some of our amazing, splendiferous pickles!  We'll be in Dallas at Celebration Farmer's Market, 4503 W. Lover's Lane, from 8am until 12noon!

Friday, July 16, 2010

IN A PICKLE website coming soon!!!!!

Look for our SPLENDIFEROUS IN A PICKLE website coming soon.  You can visit us at!!!