Wednesday, February 29, 2012

An In A Pickle Twist on the Monte Cristo

Our jams taste good with a water cracker and on an artisan bread ... but you haven't lived until you've tried a Monte Cristo a pickle style!  We take a traditional sandwich ... fluff it up Monte Cristo-ish and add our seasonal jams.

Here's how you do it...

Take two slices of a hearty artisan country bread, add a slice of turkey, a slice of Black Forest ham and a slice of Swiss cheese.  Beat a couple of eggs and 1/2 cup of milk together and dip both sides of the sandwich in the egg mixture.  Over medium heat, melt butter and cook the dipped sandwich - turning once or until the sandwich is well-browned on both sides.  Cut the sandwich diagonally and sprinkle a light snow of confectioners' sugar on top with a plop of in a pickle jam like our lemony pear vanilla bean... yummy!  This is soooo good you'll want to make a few!

And while you're delicately chomping into that hunk of love ... think about this... Fort Worth will be welcoming a SECOND Foodie Truck/Trailer Park in April and in a pickle foods will be there.  The Cowtown Chow Down will be located on Main Street between downtown and the stockyards, and we'll be servin' up some splendiferous in a pickle foods for all our peeps... there'll be many other foodie trucks there along side our fancy food trailer... check it out and save the date ...  we'll keep you posted when we are on the road.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pickle Peeps Contribute

Oooh Boy!  We've got a recipe here! Brian Clark, a pickle peep and friend... cooked up a little pulled pork, threw in some in a pickle sweet & spicy's and some other incredible ingredients and made these splendiferous burritos... Try 'em... We think you might like 'em!

Brian's Sweet & Spicy Burritos   

Fresh homemade tortillas
pulled pork
baked beans with bacon and brown sugar
in a pickle sweet & spicy Original
in a pickle Tomato Jam

Start with fresh homemade tortillas.  Add a smudge of queso.  Pile three tablespoons of the following mix:  pulled pork; baked beans; in a pickle sweet & spicy Originals; tomato jam.  Roll into tight little burritos and enjoy!

The Fort Worth Food Park may soon have some company... there seems to be plans for the Cowtown Chow Down at 1100 N. Main St. ... We're checking it out here at in a pickle... love the idea of opportunities to roll with the Fancy Foodie in a pickle Truck.   

AND local Farmer's Markets are just around the corner... We'll see you on March 10 at White Rock Local Market for a little sweet and spicy time...  until then... have a burrito or call James at 817.584.5835 to try our pickles and jams!


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sweetness! Happy Valentine's

We were at a lovely party the other night and had a great little hors 'doeuvre... it was on a beautiful plate (presentation... presentation... presentation) and the plate was coated with cream cheese, a generous amount of caramel mixed with pecan halves was drizzled on top and slices of apples were generously arranged around the edges of the plate!  Very simple, quite good and it got us thinking... hmmm... here's one we haven't tried yet... but could be splendiferous (have you noticed we never get tired of that word).. How 'bout taking our Spicy Orange Lemon Marmalade and letting it dance with a medium Camembert and of course apple slices on the side... ummm... or taking our Apple Bourbon Cinnamon Jam slathering it over cream cheese and serving it up with water crackers or apple slices.  How's that for sweetness for the upcoming sweetest day of the year?... We're liking it... we may have to serve both!

You can buy our sweet jams, and all our other products this Valentine's Day for a sweet price of only $6.50 a jar... as you know if you've been reading this blog... our website is undergoing updates so give James a shout at 817.584.5835  to order right now... this deal is ONLY good through Valentine's Day!

It's a sweet time for us too!  In a pickle foods is now coming to you from Greenling a LOCAL delivery grocery service and... drum roll please...   Hello Fort Worth...Gourmet to go just got better!!!!  Feastivities, Inc. is now carrying in a pickle products... Lemony Pear Vanilla Bean... Apple Bourbon Cinnamon... Sweet and Spicy Tomato Jam... Spicy Orange Lemon Marmalade ...we're there!  Be sure and visit our new pickle peeps and tell them "Hey"!!!  
AND visit us Saturday, February 11th in Dallas at Bolsa Mercado from 11 to 3 we'll be packing the sweetness and you can sample it too!!!...

                          Happy Valentine's Day Ya'll!

Friday, February 3, 2012


It's February and if you haven't noticed... we've got that total LOVE thing going on... We're loving the new year, we're loving our vendors, loving our pickle peeps and we thought our friends might need some of our love to spread around this weekend... so we will be in Dallas at Jimmy's Food Store located at 4901 Bryan Street at Fitzhugh on Saturday (that's tomorrow!!!) spreading our love. 

Drop by after 11 a.m. and sample some of our sweet & spicy tomato jam and if you haven't had the pleasure of tasting our Original in a pickle chip... come on by and say "Hey" we'll load you up with some sweet and spiciness that will fill you with LOVE... guaranteed.

A basket full of pure love
WHAT?? You can't make our LOVE tasting???  No worries!  Check us out online (just remember that our website is reflective of our growing pains... that means you'll want to check us out there and if you don't see that perfect jam you need... just call James at 817.584.5835 and he'll get you all fixed up.  AND HERE IS SOMETHING YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS... we are sooooo in love with the idea of cupid, and you know all that lovey dovey stuff that we want to make it easy for our peeps to give that special someone a perfect gift for Valentine's Day...  So fill your basket with in a pickle love ... each jar ONLY $6.50!!!! Until February 14th!  And here's some catchy phrases for free...

Let's get figgy with it!!!  Fill a basket full of our Orangey Fig Jam

Valentine... your sweet and spicy!  Rock their world with Spicy Tomato jam


Valentine... I'm tipsy for you!  Fill a basket full of our seasonal jams and include Tipsy Cranberry Orange!

Yep... get on the in a pickle LOVE train...
Sweetie :)
              it's SPLENDIFEROUS!