Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We be jammin'

When you think of jam, perhaps you think of a traffic jam... Did you know that in 2010, China was crowned the unofficial "host" of the largest traffic jam ever recorded??  The cars stretched for more than 62 miles (100 km) and lasted for 12 days!  The traffic jam occurred on the Beijing-Tibet Expressway near Beijing and was caused by trucks carrying construction supplies to Beijing to ironically help ease traffic on the Expressway!

OR maybe when you think of jam you think of Pearl Jam...  the rock band that was formed in Seattle, Washington in 1990... they were one of the first alternative rock bands...

OR maybe you think of preserved fruit... the making of preserves, jellies and jams reportedly began centuries ago in the Middle East and according to the International Jelly and Preserve Association, "It is believed that returning Crusaders first introduced jam and jelly to Europe, in fact the use of cane sugar to make jam and jelly can be traced back to the 16th century when the Spanish came to the West Indies where they preserved fruit.."

So we here at in a pickle foods didn't invent the wheel BUT we are sure dressing it up!  
in a pickle foods' jams and pickles

Maybe you've tried one of our artisan jams made in small batches ... Apple Bourbon Cinnamon Jam; Lemony Pear Vanilla Bean Jam; Orangy Fig Jam; Sweet and Spicy Tomato Jam;  Spicy Satsuma Orange Lemon Marmalade;

Wild Citrus Grape Jelly; Peach Cinnamon Jam; Blueberry Lime Jam; Peach Chocolate Jam; Strawberry Vanilla Bean; Fig and Lemon Preserves OR some other in a pickle foods' product that wets your whistle! 

Let us know here...  AND tell us what you think should be our next big jammin' product! We'll take a tally and publish your comments here and on facebook. 

In a Pickle AND need some product???  Just mosey on over to our web page at and give us a shout out!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bare Naked Pickles

Bare Naked before the Label

James has been busy in the kitchen for the last several weeks.  

Here's a shot of our signature B&B (bread and butter) pickles laid out and ready for their label... 

if you take a closer look
you'll see the really special way
our cukes are reaching out to you... see??? SEE??? It's almost if they were shouting out "Take a bite"... "Take a bite" sorry... I just can't help but get excited when we are in the kitchen making product.

Inspecting the bounty

Here's Mr. Richards performing a quality inspection of in a pickle's cinnamon peach jam.  He's got a tough job:  to perform a quality inspection when those peaches are singing "Taste me.. Taste me!"  
in a pickle Cinnamon Peach Jam


Our combo of peaches, cinnamon and hazelnut liqueur bring the taste of Momma's peach cobbler right out of the jar to you.

From our sweet and spicy tomato jam, a classic that brings together tomatoes and savory spices that gives a grilled burger a dynamite finish

in a pickle Sweet & Spicy Tomato Jam our bare naked Bread and Butter's, you can bet in a pickle foods 

is gearing up


to blow the lid off your foodie favs.  

And you pickle peeps can count on it being a great moment!

Because we all know... life's greatest moments start ... in  a pickle!