Friday, July 29, 2011


 We are working on cleaning and getting our new RED in a pickle foods gourmet kitchen in tip-top shape and ready to roll.  James will give you a sneak peek!!!

There's plenty to do to prepare the kitchen for all of the gourmet treats Karen has in store... there's cleaning and prepping and a general overall inspection.

We will soon be ready to roll and provide all our pickle peeps with some really scrumptious fancy foods... here's a few shots of our newest seasonal products like lemon fig preserves...peach cinnamon jam and blueberry lime jam...
So there you have it... a sneak peek to our newest venture into the fancy food world...
 Hope you will come along on the ride...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Random pickle facts! says...
Pickles stand out as flavorful, low-calorie vegetables and are high in vitamin K.

Shapefit. com says...
Americans consume more than 9 pounds of pickles per person annually – that’s
20 billion pickles throughout the U.S. each year!

America was named after a pickle peddler – Amerigo Vespucci was a ships chandler who outfitted his ships full of vitamin C-rich pickles to prevent scurvy among crew members!

Boy!  It's hot here in Texas and that makes us think about a hot game that kicked off the Dallas Cowboys' 2000 season when the 'Boys played the Philadelphia Phillys... hot... how about 109 degrees?  Several Cowboys dropped out of the game with muscle aches... the Phillys?  Well they stayed in the game and eventually won  41-14... their secret to fight off cramps:  pickle juice!  You can read more about the incredible pickle juice win after Kevin C. Miller a doctoral student at the time wrote a little something on it for his dissertation.

Well, we at in a pickle have known for a long time that pickles are quite incredible!  AND you can discover what a lot of peeps are beginning to learn ... Life's greatest moments start
in a pickle...

Join us this weekend in Dallas at the White Rock Local Market 8am to 1pm AND
Celebration Farmers Market 8am to 12 noon.  You'll find our sweet and spicy pickles and our seasonal jams like Blueberry Lime... Cinnamon Peach... and Fig and Lemon Preserves... YUMMY...  See you guys there!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Touring with in a pickle!

Hey pickle peeps just back from the southern in a pickle tour … we dropped by Baton Rouge and picked up some yummy figs… toured through Mississippi and Alabama and stopped for a few in South Beach, Florida.

While in Florida we picked up our pickle mobile! Yep, that's right… our positively, no doubt about it!… can't miss it!… don't want to miss it! RED in a pickle gourmet kitchen!

Spread the word, tell your friends, shout it out… it's a splendiferous thing! So what does that mean for our pickle peeps??? Can you say …sweet and sassy delights! How do you spell it?

S-p-l-e-n-d-i-f-e-r-o-u-s!!! in a pickle's gourmet kitchen is here!

It's such a milestone for us. A year ago, we were just starting out … our Original pickle had made its debut and look at us now:

A Fancy Foods Kitchen to bring all our fans more in a pickle delights! You may have tasted our limited Pimento Cheese… or had a taste of our seasonal line of jams & jellies like Lime Blueberry, Peach Cinnamon and new this past weekend… drum roll please… Lemon and Fig Preserves.

Thanks to all of you who dropped by to see us at the Dallas' White Rock Local Market or Celebration Farmers Market… you can usually catch us there... But even more important thanks to all of you who have supported us this last year. We are on our way peeps and we couldn't have done it without you….Pickles and beyond!!!!

in a pickle will be in Dallas at the Deep Ellum Market and at Celebration Farmers Market this weekend but also look for us soon...

on the road, maybe in your neighborhood - Look for the big red gourmet kitchen and remember

Life's greatest moments start in a pickle!