Monday, March 28, 2011

What's Up at IN A PICKLE?

Recently, we've been getting our pickles on at the Dallas Gourmet market.. tons of wholesalers and lots of nice folks out there.

But on a heartfelt note...
while we've been peddlin' the pickles... our buddy Angus got himself in a pickle ...but now he's all better and recovering. 

Look for us this Friday, (Opening Day for the Texas Rangers) April 1st in Arlington at the Arlington Farmers' Market at 215 E. Front Street.  We'll be selling our pickles and if you are a Ranger fan just drop on by before the game and we'll provide you with some splendiferous spark to get you all wound up for the game!

And Pickle Peeps you can also find us on April 9 at the White Rock Local Market.  On April 15 find yourself in a pickle in Arlington, and not with the tax folks...We'll try to make you feel better at tax time, by offering up some sweet and spicy cheer  at the Arlington Farmers' Market.

April 16th you'll find in a pickle at the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market in Dallas and at the Uptown trolley stop on the 16th and 17th.

"Bet you can't eat just one" nope... they weren't talking about our Original but it is an old slogan of Lays Potato Chips and that's where we will be on April 18th at the Frito Lay Headquarters in Plano.  AND on the 22nd these folks would "probably leave the light on for us"... we'll be at Accor the parent company of Motel 6 ... then we'll finish out April on the 23rd back at the White Rock Local Market.

If you miss us at the above events, check out our other venues online at and you can always order online too!

Angus is taking well wishes... from our pickle peeps so drop him a line here... it will surely cheer him up in his recovery!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pickle Perfect Shamrock Reubens

Happy St. Paddy's Day!  March is a time to do a little Irish jig, have a little Irish brew and serve up some in a pickle Pickle Perfect Shamrock Reubens.  Here at in a pickle we are celebrating the luck of the Irish with our own version of the famous Reuben.

in a pickle Perfect Shamrock Reubens
for four

8 slices of Rye bread 
1/2 LB of Corned Beef
8 slices of Baby Swiss
8 oz. Sour Kraut
6 TLBS. Thousand Island Dressing
1/4 cup of chopped Original pickles
2 TLBS. chopped Original peppers

Mix the dressing, pickles and peppers together.  Spread mixture on bread equally.  On four slices of bread place corned beef, cheese and sour kraut -finish with another round of cheese and the other slices of bread on top.  Grill equally on both sides allowing cheese to melt.

Ahh! And the top of the day to you!

In the Spirit of Mardi Gras

We couldn't let Fat Tuesday pass us by without a little doo-dad of a recipe to help all our pickle peeps get through the Lenten season.  You know the period before Easter where Christian's center on prayer, penance, fasting and self-denial. 

Here's a pickle dip recipe to try while you're working on the fasting and self-denial... it's low calorie, a little spicy to help you remember to not eat too much and just the right ingredients for a small get together...  Enjoy!

Lenten in a pickle dip

16 oz. low fat sour cream
8 oz. non-fat cream cheese (room temp)
1 garlic clove, minced
garlic salt to taste
1/4 cup of diced Original in a pickle
2 TBLS. of diced Original in a pickle peppers
pickle juice

Beat the sour cream and cream cheese along with the garlic.  Add pickle juice for desired consistency.  Add pickles and peppers.  Refrigerate 2 hours - overnight.  Serve with carrots, or baked chips!

Yummy!  And no guilty feelings required!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Okay Pickle Peeps, have you ever wondered what it would take to make some awesome, spicy/sweet pickles?  Well... Karen had been making her splendiferous chips since 1993, and we thought, "Shoot, we should share a little bit of heaven with everyone.  So we began our pickle journey in July of 2010 and we've never looked back.  

So, back to my original question... "Ever wondered what it would take to make some splendiferous pickles???"  I'm here to tell you it takes a lot!  It's one thing... to make the pickles but there's much more to in a pickle than the preparation... you've got the labeling, the printing, the packaging, the shipping... we're going to stop here for a moment and take a look at the in a pickle process - in particular - the James Express in action...

The pickle mobile loaded with packing boxes
Stuffed to the brim
Headed to the warehouse

After our pickles are prepared, jarred and labeled - we then prepare the jars to be packed... and ship them out to people like you... and by the way, if your in a pickle supply is low, just call James at 817.584.5835 and he'll get right on it!  Or always you can order online at