Tuesday, May 31, 2011

And the winner is....

Hey Pickle Peeps... we have a winner in our YouTube contest!

Pool Party Group
First place goes to the in a pickle pool party... the video depicts the sweet and spiciness that may be tasted in our pickle chips in a pool party kinda way...
Second place...

in a pickle HAVE a pickle group

finds an elevator full of folks in a pickle... but our Original helps everything get a little bit splendiferous in the end... and third...

in a pickle RAP group
 it's the in a pickle rap...
Do the pickle” (3 x’s ) PICKLE!... if you haven't already... go to our YouTube channel inapicklepeeps and check it out!

Now it’s time to do your favorite dance

It’s green and ridgy, you’ll raise your hands

Sweet and spicy, it’s really delish

So dang good you’ll be pumping your fist

Munching munching the pickles all night

Don’t live close? You’ll wanna catch a flight

If you don’t want to munch you’ll wanna cook it for


Gourmeting in the kitchen, oh there’s that crunch


There are some great entries from the honors Marketing class at Fort Worth's Arlington Heights High School!

And in the future keep checking our channel for new updated videos that will keep you entertained with a pickle perspective!

Friday, May 27, 2011


Okay all you pickle peeps!  We are now officially on YouTube and we need your help!!!! 

Please go to our inapicklepeeps YouTube channel and vote for your favorite YouTube in a pickle video.  The students at Karen's alma mater produced these videos for us and we think they are pretty clever!  Pick the one you like the best and leave us a message, vote, tell your friends.  These kids did this for a marketing project and we plan to give the top three video teams prizes... SO..... HELP US OUT... go to our inapicklepeeps youTube channel NOW!!!

AND, look for us this holiday weekend at the White Rock Local Market  and Dallas' Celebration Market on Saturday, May 28th.

Woo hoo!!!  It's Farmer's Market time... don't be without your sweet, spicy, splendiferous treats!!!

Be safe out there this weekend and don't forget the women and men who gave their lives to the service of our country!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

in a pickle on You Tube!

in a pickle is about to go viral!   

Beginning at the end of this month all our pickle peeps and the whole world will be able to watch in a pickle vignettes on You Tube!

We have partnered with Fort Worth’s Arlington Heights High School (Karen’s alma mater) to present in a pickle like you have never seen before.

There are pickles in a group, animated pickles, pickles under, over, and at the end of the rainbow, pickle surprises and of course everything that constitutes in a pickle.

These creative marketing students at Arlington Heights High School have taken in a pickle to a new level… we will let you know when you can view their work later this month on You Tube!

Stay tuned.

AND… a quick shout out to all our pickle peeps at Celebration Farmer's Market, White Rock Local Market and the Uptown Trolley StopMarket in Dallas and the Downtown Arlington Farmer's Market for making in a pickle a happenin’ thing.

Friday, May 6, 2011

in a pickle PROUD

Every once in a while we have the opportunity to throw a special shout out to someone or something that we are in a pickle PROUD about... and this week the in a pickle PROUD moment goes to Karen's high school alma mater:  Arlington Heights High School (the Yellow Jackets)! 

Located on the west side of Fort Worth, Arlington Heights is the home to many notable alums including football players, coaches, author Tommy Thompson, musician John Denver, Tony Award-winning actress and singer, Betty Buckley... throw in some political notables too... BUT we will have to say that our shout out goes to the 290 student volunteers from Heights who will make a difference in a child's life later this month!

On May 20, those volunteers will give of their time, their hearts and their energy to stage the FWISD Young Athletes Program, Special Olympics.  They will be directly involved with 3 - 5 year-olds who have physical and development needs.

This is the fifth year that Arlington Heights High School has participated in the Special Olympic Day and the program has grown on the Heights campus from an initial attendance of 19 children to providing a fun opportunity for 159 special needs children from FWISD elementary schools!

What an accomplishment!  We are beaming with in a pickle PRIDE!

Come on out and support this great event on May 20th at the Arlington Heights Football Field at 4501 W. Freeway in Fort Worth --- where young deserving athletes will celebrate what they CAN achieve!