Friday, November 19, 2010

A Pickle Perfect Hors d'Oeuvre

     The holidays are fast approaching and we thought we would share some scrumptious holiday recipes within the next few weeks.  Have you ever finished a jar of our in a pickle Originals and wished you had more... and wondered what you could do with those little picante chiles?  Well, one of our pickle peeps, Sharon Heldenbrand, shared this little sassy dip that will empty your in a pickle Original pickle jar before you can say... Splendiferous!

in a pickle Spicy Pepper Spread

1/2 cup in a pickle Original pickled peppers, minced
1 slab (8 oz) cream cheese
Let cream cheese soften and mix peppers, cream cheese and 2 TBS of pickle brine until smooth
Chill and top with sunflower seeds.

Serve with a favorite cracker (we like the new Wheatables Nut Crisps crackers by Keebler... Toasted Pecan... yummy!) 

UMMM... James is heading to the kitchen right now!  Thanks, Sharon!

     in a pickle will be at the Shop-for-Thanksgiving Market on Saturday, November 20 at White Rock Local Market located at the Green Spot Market and Fuels, 702 N. Buckner Blvd. in Dallas...
AND catch us at the Thanksgiving Market at Celebration Farmer's Market from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 4503 W. Lover's Lane in Dallas.

     Happy Thanksgiving!!!  We give thanks for all our pickle peeps!  Hope you have a splendiferous day!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Weather Outside is...

Remember the holiday song that goes like this... "The weather outside is frightful!"  But not here in Texas - we have been kicking off the holiday season with beautiful days in the mid and high 70s.  We are sure we will find ourselves in a pickle soon, scrambling for our coats and gloves but until then we are bopping around sharing our Original sweet and spicy pickle chips to every foodie we meet.

This weekend we will be looking for pickle peeps in Plano at Frito-Lay's headquarters.  James will be at the Market at Frito-Lay on Friday.

On Saturday look for us at the White Rock Local Market from 8am to 1pm Karen will be there and James... well there is a pie contest... so you might have to join James for a piece of pie.  We all know how James loves pie!

Come see us and check out our Original Sweet and Spicy pickle...And you'll find out like James did... Life's Greatest Moments start in a pickle!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

in a pickle COUNTDOWN

Halloween is out the back door, Thanksgiving is coming through the front, and OMG Christmas is dancing on the front porch!  

Yep, you may have already been in a pickle thinking about the holidays... BUT there's a reason that we at in a  pickle foods are here...  to help all of our pickle peeps PROUDLY PARTICIPATE in the holiday season! 

You may be down at yo momma's for Turkey Day, hitting several Christmas festivities, 
cookin' up something with KWANZAA, or 
celebrating HANUKKAH.  

Whatever your reason for the season... we all know that at the first of November -- All of us fun-lovin', celebratin', party goin', food lovin' folks are IN A PICKLE... 

What do you take to Grandma's for Thanksgiving?  Who's hosting Christmas this year? 
Thinking about throwing a Kwanzaa Kick Off... maybe a Hanukkah Celebration?? OR... 
YOU KNOW you will be a guest and what do you take as a hostess gift or to impress Aunt Jane's culinary palate?   

We know, it's a little cliche but when you're in a pickle ... just have a pickle or give a pickle and like the song goes... "everything is gonna be okay" .   

During the next few weeks we'll be sharing some incredible recipes with you to help during the holiday season, in fact, look back in our blog for two scrumptious ones:  Sweet & Sassy in a pickle Potato Salad and in a pickle Garlic Hummus.  

AND we will be offering some fun holiday gift products like themed baskets and sweet & sassy stocking stuffers 

Check out our website at because 
when you are in a pickle - we're in a pickle AND our in a pickle can put your in a pickle at ease and then you will be lovin' the holidays!