Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy Trails!

     We headlined this post with Happy because we truly are blessed and happy to have met so many great folks along this in a pickle journey.   
photo courtesy jill johnson
     As we kick off a new year of Farmer's Markets this month, with what has grown to be one of our fav -  White Rock Local Market, we reflect back on our beginnings and how we started - we can't even begin to tell you how sad we are to know that one of our biggest supporters is not around... 

photo courtesy jill johnson
We lost one of our Westies - Mac, or THE MAC ATTACK as we so fondly called him... last month.   

Although, we mourn - we also know that a part of him will always be with us and that HAPPY is one of those feelings that he helped write in our minds... and going forth there will always be Happy Trails ... 

     So to all of our pickle peeps, our friends, our business partners, those of you who might feel like their in a pickle today ... just know that we wish you Happy Trails this year, and hope that our paths may cross and that our happiness may bring you good feelings as well.
photo courtesy jill johnson
     Look for us at WRLM, 9150 Garland Rd., Dallas TX 75218, Saturday, March 2 from 8am - 1pm ... and the Carrollton Gourmet Food Truck Event "Food Truckin For A Cure"   from 4pm to 9pm... and don't forget April 26-28, the 3-day Austin Food and Wine Festival ... we'll be there!  Happy Trails!

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