Monday, July 1, 2013

Patriotic Pickles

Have you ever wondered what a patriotic pickle would taste like? Well, you're probably thinking... not... and you probably aren't alone... But we here at in a pickle are always coming up with pickle thoughts especially since we are in the kitchen 24-7!

You know...
Patriotism is a cultural attachment to ones homeland and we're pretty attached to the little green gems that got us started , in fact we LOVE our little sweet and spicy gems... Just like we like our little jammy gems as well.... And you too can enjoy our fare of pickles, jams and jellies during your patriotic celebrations or just at down home parties! Every little event turns into a splendiferous one with in a pickle sliders or apple bourbon pie made with iap jam... It makes your mouth zing and sing and soon you'll realize that life's greatest moments happen when your in a pickle!

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