Monday, April 8, 2013

Fort Worth Farmer's Market

So nice to be in our back yard even Angus enjoyed hangin!

Peep Pack Caddy
The Main Dog

We shared our newest in a pickle PEEP PACK... it's
a caddy for four jars of jam... or mix and match pickles and jams... and there's multi uses for the PEEP PACK too ... like a condiment caddy for those outdoor soirees, ...or put some of your fav spring bulbs in the caddy (we put tulips in ours)... or take your empty in a pickle jars and drop in your favorite votive candle  - slide them into the caddy and now your kickin it with in a pickle... Need a magazine caddy or a mail caddy? - The PEEP PACK is soooo versatile... and who would have thought you could get so much bang for your buck! 

We're lovin' our new PEEP PACKs cause they keep on keepin on, even after your last jar of pickle power is gone (don't forget you can get more pickle goodness on the web or at our many scheduled appearances)... We'll be back at the BRIT next month and we hope to see you Peeps out there... drop by and say "HEY" in Austin, or's Market time and we're on the road spreading our sweet and spicy delights...

Zinging at the BRIT

Life's greatest moments start in a pickle!

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